Born and raised in Pahoa, Hawaii, Liv Johnson spent her formative years in the rural areas of the island, surrounded by the active landscapes of thick rainforests, rocky coastlines and a live volcano. She earned her BA at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, where her position as Printmaking Studio Assistant allowed her the opportunity to work with artists such as Willie Cole, Crystal Wagner, and John Hitchcock. This included being a printer for the UH Hilo Visiting Artist Print Collection, editioning for artists such as Karen Kunc, Yuji Hiratsuka, and Khalid Kodi.

In 2015 she moved to the very different world of Lubbock, TX to earn her MFA at Texas Tech University in printmaking and sculpture. During this time of completing her degree Liv worked to expand printmaking’s presence in Lubbock’s thriving art scene by curating multiple shows, establishing ties between the TTU and the UNM Print Departments, taking part in many community printmaking events and workshops, and co-organizing the 2017 Beyond Printmaking Symposium with Sang-Mi Yoo and Stacy Elko. While her primary emphasis is in printmaking, she quickly began to branch out into other mediums, developing works that explored sound, light, installation, and a wide variety of materials.

She now lives in Houston where she continues to develop her studio work at Burning Bones Press, driven by an intense curiosity as she experiments with materials, techniques and presentation in her art practice.